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RE: [Condor-users] Condor_q on Win XP question

Title: RE: [Condor-users] Condor_q on Win XP question

Thanks for that point Dan.  Arch was not in there, but other things we would like to use are.

Playing with it some more, it appears that only numerical valued variables will return stuff.

A good example is
'condor_q -constraint jobstatus==1'    returns those idle jobs
'condor_q -constraint MyType=="Job"'    returns nothing even though the jobs (even those from previous example) have a ClassAd of MyType = "Job"


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Froebe, Scott wrote:

> I'm having a slight problem with condor_q.  Perhaps I am using it
> wrong.  Condor version 6.7.0.  Cluster is Win XP, submitting node is
> Win XP.  Whenever I use a constraint, it doesn't return any results
> even if there are results that match.

> For example
> condor_q -constraint Arch=="INTEL" -format "%d." ClusterId -format
> "%d\n" ProcID

Job ClassAds don't normally have an "Arch" attribute.  Do your jobs?  If
you do 'condor_q -l' you can see a full list of the ClassAd attributes
that do exist.


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