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RE: [Condor-users] Notification of Cluster Complete - not processcomplete

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> > Disable all email notification (apart from maybe errors)
> > After submitting the jobs run condor_wait pointing at the resulting clusterid
> > and have that launch some simple mail script to send the mail.
> i think it would be slightly better to submit condor_wait as 
> a condor job
> itself, and then have that job email you when it's finished.  
> no scripts
> necessary, and if the machine goes down for some reason, your 
> condor_wait
> process will come back up when condor does.

Though this would have the side effect of tacking up a slot either on your pool or on your local machine which may be problematic if you run more concurrent clusters
that you have free slots to run your wait jobs. A nicer though more complex solution is to create some service (or *nix equiv) which is informed of clusters it is meant to watch (simple web service may well be ideal) and this fires off a condor wait process. Then you just need to deal with persisting state. 

Alternate is to setup a new pool just for this but that seems somewhat excessive...


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