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RE: [Condor-users] Question about configuration parsing

I think the condor_config is a global file where you can declare your
macros, these are carried over to the local config file unless you
specifically override it in the local file. To specify your own start policy
you could specify the macro "MY_START_POLICY" in the global condor_config
file or directly in your local config file.Only thing is when using the
macro it should already be defined.

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I'm confused by how the configuration files work.  Somewhere in the
documentation, there is a mention that macros need to be defined BEFORE
they are used.  This implies that the config files are processed top
down.  This raises some questions:

1) Why are the all the START macros like UWCS_PREEMPTION declared AFTER
they are used in the default the condor_config file?  This implies some
sort of multi-pass interpretation.

2) When is condor_config.local parsed relative to condor_config?  Can I
have an expression like START = MY_START_POLICY in my condor_config file
and then define that macro in my condor_config.local file?



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