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Re: [Condor-users] Question about configuration parsing

On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 12:28:39PM -0500, Bryan S. Maher wrote:
> I'm confused by how the configuration files work.  Somewhere in the
> documentation, there is a mention that macros need to be defined BEFORE
> they are used.  This implies that the config files are processed top
> down.  This raises some questions:
> 1) Why are the all the START macros like UWCS_PREEMPTION declared AFTER
> they are used in the default the condor_config file?  This implies some
> sort of multi-pass interpretation.

There isn't. Everything is read into memory, top-down, and inserted into a hash
table. New revisions overwrite old ones, unless you reference the old 
version in the new version, in which case they're both retained (ie
FOO = $(FOO), bar 

Expressions are expanded at runtime, when the order is no longer available.

> 2) When is condor_config.local parsed relative to condor_config?  Can I
> have an expression like START = MY_START_POLICY in my condor_config file
> and then define that macro in my condor_config.local file?

We read the main configuration file, then expand the LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE 
entry, and if it exists we read in those entries. Then we read in the
root config files.