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[Condor-users] Java job and missing output.


I wanted to report what I think is a bug. I have a Java job that loops over a 10,000 line input file and executes a database query for each line. The results are then written to a results file. There is always only 1 line written to the output file. This means with a 10,000 line input file the output file will also be 10,000 lines. While doing some performance testing we found this is not always the case. A few of the jobs produced output files of 9,999 lines and even 9,995 lines. Further analysis showed a similar gap in the Standard Out file. The behavior is almost as if the output was buffered to be written, never written, and then lost. I have also confirmed this is not a problem with the Java job. No exceptions were thrown, no errors encountered. It's just that a few lines that were suppose to be written to standard out and to an output file vanished.

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