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Re: [Condor-users] flocking

Kewley, J (John) wrote:

flock_from cm condor_config entries:

11/9 11:38:05 Unknown negotiator (<>). Aborting negotiation.

This is looks like a complaint about being unable to talk to itself. Do you have a negotiator running on ?

The remote host (flock_to) is, the local (flock_from) is, and this is not talking to itself, (that occurs successfully), its receiving negotiator requests from the host at that it sent the flock_to request to. (hope that was clear)

Do the 2 pools run quite happily separately?

Yep, they run nicely on their own.

can anyone lend a bit of advice?

When in doubt, blame a firewall - do you have any on either of the machines?

Absolutely, but its not a connection thing, I've only gotten this far by opening up specific ports bidirectionally and specifying hi and low port range of those open ports. This is different than the connection errors I got before... (didn't save any of em, but you get the point).