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Re: [Condor-users] config settings using output of command

Is it possible to do something like


to set a configuration variable to the output of a command?  The
motivating example would be something like

HASPYTHON = $SHELL(which python > /dev/null && echo True || echo False)

You can do something like that, though it isn't quite so direct.

A part of Condor is sometimes called Hawkeye, sometimes called "the cron capabilities of Condor". The idea is that you can have Condor run scripts for you on a regular basis, and the script outputs attributes that are included in the ClassAd of a machine.

This will do exactly what you want. However, because it's a more general mechanism, the setup is a bit more complicated.

You can read about it in section 3.3.8 of the Condor 6.6 manual. Look for "cron". You should probably ignore STARTD_CRON_NAME for now.


More details about Hawkeye can be found at: