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[Condor-users] XP SP2 reboot problem

  A posting by Geraint recently spotted this problem, and I wonder
whether there is a work around?

  Using version 6.6.7

  Our Window Labs machines get rebooted every morning. As condor does
not shut down gracefully, on restarting the services do start, but
appear to do so before the firewall (?). Therefore, the condor system
will not work. If machines are restarted manually, they then state that
the firewall has been enabled, i.e.

11/10 10:57:15 Authorized application C:\Condor/bin/condor_schedd.exe is
now enabled in the firewall.
11/10 10:57:15 Authorized application C:\Condor/bin/condor_startd.exe is
now enabled in the firewall.

  Rather than:

11/10 08:33:59 WinFirewall: get_CurrentProfile failed: 0x800706d9

  Does anyone have a suggestion, apart from setting a separate job to
restart each machine, as it reboots?