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[Condor-users] Major bug 6.7.2??


Other people have noticed this. Every now and then my entire windows workstation closes all the programs and restarts the desktop manager. This only happens when condor jobs are running in background on this station.

I still have not been able to determine what is causing this as i'm on a busy network. But i was wondering if there is a way to remedy the solution via turning off some windows services? I know the messanger service facilitates communication and requests to teh OS from other programs...Anyone think turning off this service might stop the station from being reset??

My condor jobs are unaffected luckily..but any work i am doing gets lost..eeepp

condor version 6.7.2
Condor executer is windows xp service pack 2
condor master is alpha linux redhat 7.2 condor job was submitted from a linux redhat WS3 intel computer