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Re: [Condor-users] Major bug 6.7.2??

Hi Colin,

Thanks alot for the info! I will try it out and report back if it helps
decrease the occurances.


> John,
> This is a known issue, and we are currently working on a fix. The best
> way to address this problem for now is to set
> in the config file. This will not cure the problem entirely, but it
> makes it much less likely to occur. The only concern with setting this
> parameter is that you must be sure that your jobs are running under a
> dedicated account. By default, they will run as condor-reuse-vm1 (or
> 2..n depending on how many VMs the machine has), which is obviously a
> dedicated account and is safe to use with this parameter.
> If you happen to be using the VMx_USER feature in the config file, you
> should be aware that any process running under the specified account
> will be treated as part of the job, which could lead to unexpected
> results.
> Colin
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