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RE: [Condor-users] condor installation... config questions...


in looking through the docs, and the condor files i have some questions....

i did an rpm install on a linux rh8.0 system... and i'm looking at the
config file.

i have the following questions...???

this should be the name of my box..
#CONDOR_HOST    = central-manager-hostname.your.domain
CONDOR_HOST    = lserver2 (can i also use ip address)?

RELEASE_DIR             = /usr/local/condor
(i don't have a '/usr/local/condor' dir, should i create one, and copy the
bin/sbin/lib dirs to it, or just replace this with the parent location of
the dirs..?

LOCAL_DIR               = $(TILDE)
#LOCAL_DIR              = $(RELEASE_DIR)/hosts/$(HOSTNAME)
(i'm completely confused by what should be here!!!!!)

##  Where is the machine-specific local config file for each host?
#LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE      = $(LOCAL_DIR)/condor_config.local
LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = /opt/condor-6.6.6/local.lserver2/condor_config.local
(pretty sure that this is ok...)

UID_DOMAIN              = your.domain      (lserver2)
#UID_DOMAIN             = $(FULL_HOSTNAME)
(???? what should, if anything, go here...)
(what is meant by full_hostname)

FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN       = your.domain
(???? what should, if anything, go here...)
(what is meant by full_hostname)



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i'm getting ready to try an install of condor. in reviewing the docs, i'm
waaaay out of my comfort zone with the linux admin.. or at least i'm

is there somebody i can talk to for a few mins to get the ball rolling.

i'd like to start small, ie create a condor master with a condor client
machine. the machines will be linux.

basically, i could use a 'cheat sheet' that outlines a basic
structure/process for getting the two machines up/running, so i can actually
see if condor works for me!!

in all honesty, i probably only need 10-15 mins of actually talking to



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