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RE: [Condor-users] condor installation... config questions...

this should be the name of my box..
#CONDOR_HOST    = central-manager-hostname.your.domain
CONDOR_HOST    = lserver2 (can i also use ip address)?

While it can be your IP address, please note that Condor requires that DNS is working and that it can resolve IP addresses to names and vice-versa. Given that DNS is required, you might as well use the name instead of the IP address.

RELEASE_DIR             = /usr/local/condor
(i don't have a '/usr/local/condor' dir, should i create one, and copy the
bin/sbin/lib dirs to it, or just replace this with the parent location of
the dirs..?

Replace /usr/local/condor with wherever you installed Condor. But first, check your condor_config.local to see if RELEASE_DIR was overridden. The installation process normally sets this up correctly.

LOCAL_DIR               = $(TILDE)
#LOCAL_DIR              = $(RELEASE_DIR)/hosts/$(HOSTNAME)
(i'm completely confused by what should be here!!!!!)

Have you read what the manual says about it?


Also, check to see if your condor_config.local file overrides this. The installation process normally sets this up correctly.

UID_DOMAIN              = your.domain      (lserver2)
#UID_DOMAIN             = $(FULL_HOSTNAME)
(???? what should, if anything, go here...)
(what is meant by full_hostname)

If it was filled in with your.domain, then you don't have DNS set up correctly.

Read this part of the manual for more information about UID_DOMAIN and FILESYSTEM_DOMAIN: