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[Condor-users] Condor 6.7.2 is released!

The Condor Team is pleased to announce the release of Condor 6.7.2.
6.7.2 is the third release of our development series, and is primarily a
bug fix release. New features include support for multiple collectors and
better support for the Linux 2.6 kernel. 6.7.2, and all future releases
(including 6.6 series releases) will no longer support HP-UX 10.20,
Digital UNIX 4.0f, and Solaris 7.  See the Version History and Release
Notes for the full list of changes. Condor 6.7.2 is available from our
Downloads page. 6.7.2 is not recommended for production systems, but is
believed to be relatively stable. Users of 6.7.0 and 6.7.1 should upgrade 
to 6.7.2. 

The development plan calls for 6.7.3 to be released in a few weeks, and 
will be a major feature release. A 6.6.7 is also in the works, with
the primary focus being support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 
the Windows Firewall. 

The Version History can be found here: 

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy 6.7.2!

--The Condor Team