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Re: [Condor-users] Suspended --> Retiring transition

Steve Morgan wrote:

Due to a subtlety of the design, yes, there will be another
Suspended->Retiring transition in this case. Internally, there are two
kinds of retirement: reversible and irreversible. PREEMPT causes a
transition to irreversible retirement, while a preempting claim causes a
transition to reversible retirement, so if the preempting claim goes away
before the retirement is completed, the original claim backs out of

I thought this was a typically opaque reply from our Pensions Department. I was confused because I haven't asked for retirement yet but I would be interested in early retirement. Does Condor have this? ;-)

Yes. Condor 6.7.2 offers early retirement! Even if there are no preempting claims to a machine, you can define a policy that retires claims without killing jobs. Behold:

MaxJobRetirementTime = 3600 * 24 * 365 * 60 # a nice long retirement
PREEMPT = StateTimer > 30 * 60 # start retiring the claim after 30 minutes

We've already run into a use-case where this is a desirable thing to do. However, with respect to the Pensions Department angle, I am a little disturbed to see that "retirement" is the time taken for your job to finish, not the amount of time you get to play around after the job finishes. Oops!