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[Condor-users] running a perl/script app using condor...


i'm looking to use condor to run a series of perl scripts on a given condor

in looking through the condor_submit/job submit section of the docs, it
refers to providing condor the 'exe' name. however, i'm trying to figure out
how i'd go about providing the name of the perl app/perl command to run the
perl script on a machine.


i type [foo]#perl foo.pl

how would i submit 'perl foo.pl' to condor in the submit file.

also, i was under the impression that i could setup nfs for condor to allow
the inpput perl scripts to be read from an nfs dir, as well as to have
output files written to a nfs share. however, i can't seem to find a
refernece that explains/demonstrates how to accomplish this...

if anyone has any thoughts/comments/insight as to how to solve these issues,
i'd appreciate it!!