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[Condor-users] Normal termination (return value 143)

G’Day Guys,



I am currently having troubles running java jobs on my condor installation. I have a central manager running on a mac osx and 60 processing nodes running windows xp. It all works perfectly for short jobs (less than say 30 minutes of execute time). However, when I try to run jobs that take say 4 hours to complete, I find that most of them will fail to return any output. In the job log file, I see this:

Normal termination (return value 143)


When a job completes perfectly I see this:

Normal termination (return value 0)


So, my question is, what does return value 143 mean? How do I find out what may be causing my longer jobs to not work? It to me that they are being evicted. I have all my run options set to UCWS_TESTINGMODE so that they run all the time and as far as I understand never get evicted. Is this correct???


Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.