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RE: [Condor-users] running a perl/script app using condor...

> i'm trying to solve how to set this up, as each perl script i have generates
> its' own output file, however, i don't know what the name of the  ouput file
> will be prior to the file being run. i'd like to be able to capture all the
> output files in the same location, separate from the input files.
> so, my question is, how can i set this kind of environment up????
> i thought i had seen some reference to setting up this kind of situation,
> but i can't find it now using the docs/google!!!!

>From section of Condor manual (Specifying which files to 

As a default, for jobs other than those submitted to the globus
universe, any files that are modified or created by the job in the
temporary directory at the remote site are transferred back to the
machine from which the job was submitted. Most of the time, this is the
best option. To restrict the files that are transferred, specify the
exact list with transfer_output_files. Again, filenames are delimited
with a comma. When this list is defined and any of the files do not
exist as the job exits, Condor considers this an error, and re-runs the
job. For example:

  transfer_output_files = final-results

WARNING: Do not specify transfer_output_files (for other than globus
universe jobs) unless there is a really good reason - it is best to let
Condor figure things out by itself based upon what output the job