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RE: [Condor-users] running a perl/script app using condor...


thanks for your response...

it does indeed!!!

but it also brings up another issue:

as i understand the docs, i can setup a nfs share to place my input/output
files. i can then direct using condor submit the appropriate input file to
be used from the nfs 'input' share, while at the same time directing condor
to place any output files in the nfs 'output' share.

  'nfs input share' - /nfs/input
  'nfs output share' - /nfs/output

using the submit_config file i could have something like
universe = vanilla
executable = foo.pl
output = <<<<<<<< (not sure that i even need this as the perl
                  scripts generate their own output...)
error = foo.error

i'm trying to solve how to set this up, as each perl script i have generates
its' own output file, however, i don't know what the name of the  ouput file
will be prior to the file being run. i'd like to be able to capture all the
output files in the same location, separate from the input files.

so, my question is, how can i set this kind of environment up????

i thought i had seen some reference to setting up this kind of situation,
but i can't find it now using the docs/google!!!!



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> how would i submit 'perl foo.pl' to condor in the submit file.

I run a lot of Perl scripts on our pool and here's how I do it. In my
submit file I specify the name of the perl script for the executable:

executable = foo.pl

You then need to make foo.pl executable (chmod 755 foo.pl) so you can
execute it directly (like "./foo.pl" vs "perl foo.pl").

The next problem is that different machines can have the perl executable
installed in different places. Change the #! line of your script to:

#!/usr/bin/env perl

and your script will run on any machine, as long as perl is in a
default path.

Does that answer your question?