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[Condor-users] basic questions regarding condor stats...


i know i can pull get information about jobs that are to be run
'condor_status' 'condor_q'....

however, im trying to figure out if there's a command/function that i can
use to determine jobs that have already been run.

  submit job
  get information on current jobs as well as jobs that have been run

i'm considering a kind of a web interface, and i'm starting to think about
what i want to be able to see with regards to what condor is doing with the
jobs/apps that are going to be submitted.

i haven't gotten into the details for easycondor, so i don't know if it
already has this kind of functionality....

if anyone's aware of other web interface apps to condor, i'd appreciate
knowing what some of them might be. searching google didn't really turn up