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Re: [Condor-users] basic questions regarding condor stats...

bruce <bedouglas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> however, im trying to figure out if there's a command/function that i can
> use to determine jobs that have already been run.

Carey already mentioned condor_history.  Between condor_q and
condor_history you should be able to get the information want.

However, it's not terribly efficient (especially condor_history
after many tens of thousands of jobs).  If your jobs are writing
log files (the "log = " setting in the submit file), you can use
this to more efficiently query the status of your jobs.  You can
use "condor_q -format '%s' UserLog 1234.0" to quickly find the
user log for job 1234.0.

It's relatively easy to parse the default file-format.  Condor
ships with a C++ interface to parse it, see
include/user_log.README in a Condor distribution for details.  A
relatively simple Perl interface is present inside
summarize_condor_log in the Grid Exerciser
(http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/tools/exerciser/).  (It's worth
noting that user logs can now optionally be in XML.  The simple
Perl implementation won't work with that.  The C++ API will work
just fine.)

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