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[Condor-users] Re: Questions regarding BLAST application...

On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 06:51:09PM -0700, bruce wrote:
> scott/zach.. (and any others!!)
> i'm looking at the blast app from the condor/tools site.

i apologze for its very-beta state.  soon i will release it publicly and
will work on actively improving it.  if you have specific questions in the
meantime feel free to direct them to me.

> has anybody managed to get this app up/running on a linux box? did you have
> a file called setup_condor_web_portal in your tar file. the setup steps
> reference this file, but it's not included. my gut tells me that this file
> would setup some files and resolve some of the issues i'm seeing.

yeah, it sets up a few things and some permissions.  here's the script:



`ls condor_web_portal-V0.01 >&/dev/null`;
if ( ! $? ) {
        print "updating file permissions...\n";
        system("chmod -R o+rX condor_web_portal-V0.01");
        system("chmod 777 condor_web_portal-V0.01/txtdbapi/db/cblastdb condor_web_portal-V0.01/apps");
        system("chmod 666 condor_web_portal-V0.01/txtdbapi/db/cblastdb/*.txt");
} else {
        die "didn't find the condor_web_portal-V0.01 directory, aborting!\n";

print "please edit condor_web_portal-V0.01/constants.php\n";
print "also, please read the LICENSE file!\n";

exit 0;