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RE: [Condor-users] condor -format options

> minor yet annoying change
> previously 
> condor_q -format "%d" ClusterId -format "XXX\n" ClusterId
> would produce
> 1XXX
> 2XXX
> 3XXX
> ...
> etc etc
> now it does not, instead producing
> 123... etc etc


Can we have this changed back please?

Or is there some other way of generating 
consistent newlines. I have ClassAds which aren't declared on all machines
it is bad enough that if a ClassAd isn't defined, it prints nothing as
opposed to
"empty" in the string.

I presented this tip/hack at last week's UK Condor Week - my slides are out
of date
already :-)



PS I think I'll keep an old copy of the 6.6.6 condor_status to see if I can
rename it
condor_format and use it instead to query my pool :-)