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Re: [Condor-users] condor -format options

At 06:11 PM 10/19/2004 +0100, matthew hope wrote:
I know this seems a minor thing that, if I wish it to produce
guaranteed output I must ensure that both the variable name exists
(hence the use of ClusterId) *and* that the text output includes a
reference to it in some way, but it strikes me as bad behaviour.

Irrespective of right or wrong it breaks my wrappers scripts rather
nastily (and could have broken my code it it wasn't heavily regex

I would view any change in the percieved output from -format as
something that merits an announcement or at least a warning.

You're right. I read your original email too quickly to realize you were also talking about optional parameters.

Condor 6.6.8--which has not yet been released--will have this blurb in the version history. We've already addressed the problem.


* In version 6.6.7, we fixed a number of bugs related to the
  -format option to various Condor tools.
  However, some sites were using -format in ways we didn't
  expect, by not specifying any '%' conversion string in the format
  string at all.
  This used to work, given the old buggy code that handled
  -format, but the changes in version 6.6.7 broke this, and
  format strings without a '%' conversion string were ignored.
  Now, if the format string does not contain a '%' conversion string,
  the attribute name which follows it is once again ignored, and the
  format string is printed directly without any modification.
  For example, to print out the machine's Name (always defined)
  and the RemoteUser (only defined if the machine is claimed),
  and always print a newline (to keep the formatting legible), this
  command will now work:

% condor_status -f "%s " Name -f "%s " RemoteUser -f "\n" bogus
bird.cs.wisc.edu biguser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
dodo.cs.wisc.edu biguser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
lark.cs.wisc.edu biguser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sorry for the inconvenience!