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Re: [Condor-users] Condor job submission delayed

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Ralf Reinhardt wrote:

| Did you ever try to call from an english Version? We started using
| Condor with version 6.4.7 and it was impossible to use with a german
| Win2000. After several bugfixes that did not solve all problems we
| switched our master to an english XP, and everything was fine. (Not
| really a solution for Desktop machines, but at least an explanation)

The 2CPU-machine I mentioned in the last mail is an english win2k
server. Therefore it should run, but it does not. Most of the other
machines are german WinXP Pro and have to stay that way.

The master is a SuSE Linux 9.0 set to english as standard-language.

| The negotiatorlog and the schedlog on the master might be good points | to start. If you still see nothing try to set the logging level of | NEGOTIATOR_DEBUG and SCHEDD_DEBUG to D_FULLDEBUG.

Will have a look.

| Did you ever try to restart the condor service on one of the idle | machines to see if it starts immediately? It's a crude way to see | whether to look on master or client.

That might also be worth a try, I´ll write back to the list if I have
found out something more.

| I do not think that i really understand Condor - like most other | users I just bend it in a way that works for us ;-)


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