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Re: AW: [Condor-users] Basic Job submission problems

Hi there Mr Thomas,

Taking up Subhan's mailing topic for a while here.

Thanks for your input on changing the configuration files entries. It worked 
like a charm. However, there is one more little thing? How does one add new 
machines to the existing pool without having to reinstall the central manager 
and listing the machines in the multiple machines option? 

That question:
> Also, the Job ClassAds are generated by condor_submit, but would it be
> to edit the machine ClassAds as advertised by the nodes to the central

.. it was about how to edit the ClassAds generated by the working nodes... I saw 
that its done in the global config file [which resides on a shared file server]. 

Danke SChoen [the only two german words I know.. and I didn't even know how to 
spell them...sigh]