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Re: [Condor-users] Windows XP service pack 2

Wilding, Kevan A wrote:
   Another simple question, is how do I kill off jobs that have been
left running by users. The condor_rm -all works fine for your own jobs,
but is this something to do with condor_vacate ??

There are really questions -- one is, "How do I remove other users jobs from the queue?" and another is, "How do I vacate the currently running instance of another user's job from the machine on which it's running, while leaving the job in the queue?"

The answer to the first question is to put yourself into the schedd's QUEUE_SUPER_USERS config file attribute:


The answer to the second question is to issue condor_vacate from a machine with HOSTALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR rights, if you're using default security -- or make sure you have the equivalent rights if you're using Kerberos or GSI.