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[Condor-users] Windows XP service pack 2

   We have condor 6.6.1 running fine at the University of Essex, but
since upgrading all the windows machines to service pack 2, it appears
that connections are being refused. The firewall has been opened to
allow condor_submit, which is automatically stated as being blocked when
trying to submit a job, but little detail is available about why jobs
are not running on the remote machines. The master is a linux box, so
this is not the problem, but most of the pool are windows.

  This all worked fine before upgrading to SP2.

Incidentally, condor_q -analyze shows 0 are unavailable to run your job,
a bit of a clue!! Whilst 131 match, but prefer another job!

   If you have not met up with this problem before, there is no problem,
as I will keep trying different combinations of opening firewall ports
to specific jobs, eg do I need to add all condor_submit, condor_master,
sondor_schedd programs to the firewall?

   Another simple question, is how do I kill off jobs that have been
left running by users. The condor_rm -all works fine for your own jobs,
but is this something to do with condor_vacate ??  This is not so
important at the moment as getting the system to work again.

   Thanks for any help.
Kevan Wilding