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Re: [Condor-users] Using JobPrio to adjust the RANK on machines

Thomas explained the difference between the two so I'll just note:

There are a variety of solutions to achive the affect you desire.
The one that seems most common on the list is to supply an additional
'tier' attribute which allows the users to mark the overall priority
of their jobs by putting


in the submit file you then place this in the RANK expression as so:

* 100) + ((TARGET.TIER =?= "NORMAL") * 10) + ((TARGET.TIER =?= "LOW")
* 0)

This will result in the rank being directly affected by this attribute
(and that if no TIER is specified the rank is the same as LOW i.e. 0)

Common problems with this are excessive preemption (prob not a big
deal unless you are using a clipped version such as windows or cannot
run in the standard universe)

There are some (not terribly pleasant) ways to hack round this but
with unpleasant side effects (such as maintaining a claim on a machine
despite higher tier jobs existing) but 6.7.1 has added some useful
functionality in the form of retirement guarantees that provide a far
cleaner solution.

if you search the archives for these you will find a great deal of
discussion on the subject as well as examples...


On Wed, 8 Sep 2004 12:18:01 -0700, Ian Chesal <ichesal@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The situation: my office is not a fair-share type of place. I'd like to
> exploit the RANK attribute on startd machines to achieve a non-fair
> share environment. Section 3.6.2 of the 6.6.7 manual lists "JobPrio" as
> a job ClassAd that's available when forming the machine's RANK
> expression.
> First question: I'm confused. Section 3.6.2 says that the higher the
> JobPrio number the worse the priority. But the man page for
> condor_submit in section 9 says of the "priority = [-20:+20]" setting
> that jobs with higher numerical priority will run before jobs with lower
> numerical priority. This is strange, is it not? Is the documentation
> wrong in one instance or is there some relationship between the priority
> setting in the submission ticket at the JobPrio ClassAd that I can't
> find?
> What I'm thinking of doing is using JobPrio to adjust the rank
> expression on machines so that user priorities influence job matching
> and I can say to my users "only change your user priority if you want to
> trump everyone else on machines". So what I'm thinking of doing is:
>        RANK = (JobPrio * -1)
> I'm using -1 because the JobPrio says higher is worse, so this makes
> JobPrio = -20 jobs rank above JobPrio = 20 jobs.
> Second question: Is this a good idea? Can someone comment on using
> JobPrio to help create an environment where users can unfairly gain
> access to resources when they need them.
> Thanks!
> Ian
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