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Re: [Condor-users] condor under domains in XP

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George Gensure wrote:
| I'm trying to set up a test install of condor on a machine within an
| windows domain, and am having trouble with condor_store_creds in windows
| XP.  This is 0.6.7, and may simply be a developer problem, and if so,
| please let me know.
| Running condor_submit of the test program shows the message of 'you need
| to run condor_store_creds,' and actually running condor_store_creds
| produces the following.
| C:\Condor\bin>condor_store_cred add
| Account: user@CENTRAL
| Enter password:
| Confirm password:
| Failure occured.
| I'm not sure if I'm using this correctly, but I'm inputting my windows
| domain login password.  Any help anyone can lend would be great.

Seems to be a common problem, dig in the archives for this. It might be
a problem with authentication (I have this here, if I try to
"condor_store_cred add" with my domain-wide windows-username "saric" I
get the same error, the logfiles say that "saric@PROTEOM-CENTRUM"
(PROTEOM-CENTRUM beeing the name of the NT4-style domain run by a
Samba-Server over here) cannot be found (of course not, because
PROTEOM-CENTRUM is not a machine-name our DNS knows)).

I don't know enough about the tangled mess, which is called "Windows
Domain" to decide, wether it is an error NOT to have a computer which
answers to name-resolution-requests aimed at the global NT-domain-name
instead at a specific machine or wether something is broken in Condor.

As this is a repeating problem -could some of the Condor-programmers try
to explain this a bit further (beyond what can be found in the

And can someone with a NT4- or Win2k-PDC who does not have the
above-mentioned problem maybe answer the question, wether a ping on the
domain-name resolves to a certain machine (most likely the PDC).

Thanks in advance.

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Marc Saric

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