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RE: [Condor-users] shellscripts under Windows

  Windows only runs in the vanilla universe, and jobs run in their own
virtual area. If you are the owner of these jobs, check this with
condor_status, you can remove jobs using condor_rm -all from the
submitting machine.
  To confirm who has jobs running in the pool, at the controller use
condor_status -submitters

  This may help.

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Subject: [Condor-users] shellscripts under Windows

I am trying to run a unix shellscript remotely usign Condor on Windows
machines (ones that have a full cygwin installation).

Does anyone have experience of this?

One problem I am having (apart from the fact I can't get it to work!) is
that as a result of me killing some of the jobs (condor_rm I think), I
have leftover directories lying around in my C:\Condor\execute

condor_preen cannot remove them because of permissions problems.

I cannot remove them from Windows explorer

I cannot remove them from under cygwin.

They were created using a cygwin bash shell that was being run by Condor
as the "anonymous" special Windows condor user.

I am sure I can arrange for their deletion somehow (e.g. I could write a
windows batchscript which I could then run under Condor!), but wondered
if anyoneelse has come across this problem.

Any ideas?

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