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RE: [Condor-users] shellscripts under Windows

Hi John

I am able to run cygwin scripts on windows boxes without any problem.
One of the purposes they serve is to compile programs as we have users on
Linux boxes
while the pool consists mainly of windows PCs. And those scripts create a
lot of files
in scratch folders which are safely removed when the job is finished.

Peculiarity of our windows installs is that we have given Power user rights
to everyone
logged in, so maybe thus we overcome your problem with permissions.
You can try to change permissions on C:\Condor\execute folder to give full
access rights
to "Everyone"


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> Subject: [Condor-users] shellscripts under Windows
> I am trying to run a unix shellscript remotely usign Condor on Windows
> machines
> (ones that have a full cygwin installation).
> Does anyone have experience of this?
> One problem I am having (apart from the fact I can't get it 
> to work!) is
> that
> as a result of me killing some of the jobs (condor_rm I think), I have
> leftover
> directories lying around in my C:\Condor\execute directory.
> condor_preen cannot remove them because of permissions problems.
> I cannot remove them from Windows explorer
> I cannot remove them from under cygwin.
> They were created using a cygwin bash shell that was being 
> run by Condor as
> the
> "anonymous" special Windows condor user.
> I am sure I can arrange for their deletion somehow (e.g. I 
> could write a
> windows batchscript
> which I could then run under Condor!), but wondered if anyoneelse
> has come across this problem.
> Any ideas?
> JK
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