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RE: [Condor-users] problem with manual installation on Windows 2k

Thanks for that but it still doesn't seem to start again
after rebooting. The InstallShield wizard version is fine
and I can't really see any differences between this and
the NAL version either in "Computer Management" or in
the registry under


so I'm a bit mystified.


--On 13 September 2004 19:46 -0400 jimchoi@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:


You need to configure the service to be in "Automatic" mode. To do this

1) Run "compmgmt.msc" either from a command prompt or from Start->Run
2) Expand "Services and Applications"
3) Click on "Services"
4) You should be able to find the "Condor" service on the right hand side.
Right-click on the service and click on Properties
5) Change the "Startup type" to Automatic

One way to automate this is by using the "reg" command (available on XP,
should also be available on W2K). The following one-line command will
change the startup type of the Condor service to automatic:

reg add HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\condor /f /v Start /t

I'm unaware of any command-line option for install.exe that allows you to
do the equivalent. If there is one the solution will be much more elegant.

Hope this helps!

Jimmy Choi

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I'm trying to set up a NAL to install condor under windows
2k but the condor service doesn't seem to start automatically.
I can start it using "net start condor" but it doesn't start
up again on reboot. I'm using

install Condor Condor c:\condor\bin\condor_master.exe

to install it where install.exe is the condor supplied one.

any ideas,


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