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[Condor-users] Pop-up window under Condor



When a Windows (console or GUI) application crashes (e.g. divide by zero), by default, an application error window will pop up, and the user must click OK in order to terminate the process.


The behavior seems to be different if the application is running under Condor. Specifically, when the application crashes, execution is not blocked by these pop-ups and the process terminates directly and silently. This is a very good behavior because Condor can immediately execute another job, instead of being blocked forever (or until the job is preempted).


I have the following questions:


1)       Inside Condor, are pop-ups suppressed using the SetErrorMode api? Or does Condor actually have code to do pop-up killing?

2)       Is there a programmatic way to obtain information about the crash (e.g. reason)?


Thank you very much.

Jimmy Choi

Software Engineer

Altera Corporation