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Re: [Condor-users] Dynamic Custom Resources in Condor

Derek and Dan,

Thanks for the tips, I will investigate these possible solutions.


Ben Rogers

Dan Bradley wrote:

You want to use the startd "cron" functionality. Here's a post that describes it:


--Dan Bradley

Ben Rogers wrote:


We are in the process of replacing PBS Pro at our site with Condor. However I am running into an issue that I haven't yet been able to resolve. The problem is related to Class Ads and custom resources advertised by a certain machine.

In reading the manual I have seen how we can specify a new static resource/attribute for a machine to advertise; but we would like to have a script on the machine called at some given interval to refresh the state of that resource (in much the same way that condor constantly polls to see what the machine load is). Is it possible for me to call a script from within the condor configuration file?

We were using a system similar to this with PBS Pro where we had a script that checked to see how many Matlab licenses were left on our flexlm server, if there were enough licenses then the resource would be advertised as available and a job would run, otherwise it would have to wait until licenses were available.

Any thoughts or information regarding this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Ben Rogers
Systems Administrator
Dept. of Psychiatry
University of Iowa

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