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RE: [Condor-users]Can no longer talk to condor_starter

Hi All,
I'm also having this problem on a new batch of systems which I recently
installed using 6.6.10 on Windows XP SP2. They have Windows Firewall on,
Condor is showing up in the exceptions list on Windows Firewall, I have set
the connector to use TCP on the whole pool, (about 20 systems all up, with
11 being either DP (1 system) or hyperthreading with 2 vm's ).
I've set the TCP connection cache to 100 on all systems after reading the
>From the way I understand the manual this should be sufficient.

The working systems are all P4's, the new systems are Celerons. I'm
submitting from a P4. Should this make a difference on Architecture?
Any help with this would be appreciated.
Phil Crawford

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hi all,

I found that sometimes the job i submited didn't be executed,although some
machines' state are Unclaimed.Then i check the log file of job.it show me

07 (001.000.000) 08/02 23:13:39 Shadow exception!
	Can no longer talk to condor_starter on execute machine
	0  -  Run Bytes Sent By Job
	0  -  Run Bytes Received By Job

What's the matter with my pool?
How can i deal with this problem?

Thank you!

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