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[Condor-users] starting out with windows mapped drives

Condor pool - homogenous windows 2000 PCs.
I have been trying to get our condor grid started. It works fine when
sending the example jobs that ship with Condor.
but the application that we want to run requires a mapped drive (specific to
the drive letter I:). I am having problems with the network connections as
highlighted below.

the submit file is just

universe = vanilla
executable = dir.bat
error = test.err
output = test.out
log = test.log

and the dir.bat file is just (just to show the problem)

net use y: \\server\shared_directory password /USER:username@domain
dir y:

when i submit this the output file gives the correct directory listing but
the error file gives
 "An error occured while saving your profile. The state of your remembered
connections has not changed."

and then the next time I submit the job to the same machine. the error file
gives "System error 85 has occurred. The local device name is already in
use. The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on
and no directory listing gets through.

if i log on to the machine in question (Even as the user from the bat file)
the drive doesnt show up on net use, but if i try to net use to I: it tells
me that the local device name is already in use. (Standard windows
troubleshooting (rebooting the problem machine) gets rid of the symptom)

I know it is a simple problem but mapped drives are fairly simple with very
few options to be able to change and i cant see where to go next.

Gerard Menezes
School of Radiation Therapy
Trinity College Dublin