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Re: [Condor-users] ERROR "Can't get lock on Instance Lock"

> There is error message in the master log file
> ERROR "Can't get lock on Instance Lock
> What does this mean? and how can I solve this?

the condor_master process tries to lock a file when it starts
up to prevent you from starting multiple instances of the condor

for some reason, it can't obtain the lock on your file.  maybe you
are using some shared filesystem for your LOCK dir (which is often
the same as your LOG dir)?

  Defines the name of a file for the condor_ master daemon to lock in order to
  prevent multiple condor_ masters from starting. This is useful when using
  shared file systems like NFS which do not technically support locking in the
  case where the lock files reside on a local disk. If this macro is not
  defined, the default file name will be $(LOCK)/InstanceLock. $(LOCK) can
  instead be defined to specify the location of all lock files, not just the
  condor_ master's InstanceLock. If $(LOCK) is undefined, then the master log
  itself is locked.

i think a more useful error message would be nice, but in the meantime, try
using a local file by setting MASTER_INSTANCE_LOCK = /tmp/InstanceLock