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Re: [Condor-users] TOOL_DEBUG overhead

On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 08:18:36AM -0600, agoar@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> While debugging a Condor issue, I ran across the TOOL_DEBUG config file entry.
> Turning that to D_FULLDEBUG and specifying the -debug command line option with
> one of the Condor commands helped me quite a big in solving the issue I was
> having. This got me to thinking. Since I have to use the -debug command line
> option to get the debug output, is there any harm in leaving TOOL_DEBUG always
> set to D_FULLDEBUG on all the machines I use to administrate my Condor pool?

there is no harm or overhead at all in having TOOL_DEBUG set.  if you don't use
the '-debug' flag to a tool, the TOOL_DEBUG setting has absolutely no effect.

> Does the TOOL_DEBUG entry really only affect command line tools?


basically, the TOOL_DEBUG setting controls the "debug level" of the tools.
that is, if you give the '-debug' flag to a tool, then you will see the
messages specified by TOOL_DEBUG.

and by the way, D_FULLDEBUG isn't the most verbose setting (which i think
is kind of misleading).  D_ALL will give you everything.