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[Condor-users] Kerberos on Tru64

	I've got a working condor test pool (3 linux nodes) running
6.7.3, and am experimenting with adding a Tru64 5.1 box as a submit
host.  I have a working Kerberos installation (MIT Kerberos) on the
linux master host, and that works well among the existing pool.  

So I grabbed and installed condor for Tru64.  I copied the config file
from the other nodes and munged it to account for the Tru64 path
differences (i.e. minimal changes), and tried to run condor_status to
query the pool.  No go.  With -debug and ALL_DEBUG=D_ALL, I got the
following output (snipped for relevance:)
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: in authenticate( addr ==
'<IPADDRESSHIDDEN:9618>', methods == 'KERBEROS')
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: can still try these methods: KERBEROS
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) HANDSHAKE: in handshake(my_methods = 'KERBEROS')
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) HANDSHAKE: handshake() - i am the client
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) HANDSHAKE: sending (methods == 64) to server
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) HANDSHAKE: server replied (method = 64)
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: will try to use 64 (KERBEROS)
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) Failed to build server principal
2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: method 64 (KERBEROS) failed.

This is as compared to the following on a working box
2/4 14:30:55 (fd:2) HANDSHAKE: server replied (method = 64)
2/4 14:30:55 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: will try to use 64 (KERBEROS)
2/4 14:30:55 (fd:2) ZKM: krb5_unparse_name:
2/4 14:30:55 (fd:2) ZKM: no user yet determined, will grab up to slash
2/4 14:30:55 (fd:2) ZKM: picked user: host
2/4 14:30:55 (fd:2) ZKM: remapping 'host' to 'condor'
2/4 14:30:55 (fd:2) KERBEROS: mapping realm CONDOR.AGRESEARCH.CO.NZ to
domain agresearch.co.nz.

Now I have a KERBEROS_MAP_FILE with the contents:
but the interesting thing is that when I run TRUSS on condor_status, it
doesn't show any attempt to access the map file (whereas strace on linux
shows that it does).  Permissions are OK on the file, but I don't think
it's that anyway because there's not even an *attempt* to open the file.
I think that this is the root cause of the problem, but don't know what
to try from here.

Any ideas?

Craig Miskell,
Technical Support,
AgResearch Invermay
03 489-9279
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