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Re: [Condor-users] Kerberos on Tru64

> 2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: will try to use 64 (KERBEROS)
> 2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) Failed to build server principal
> 2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: method 64 (KERBEROS) failed.

hmm.  does your /etc/v5srvtab contain a host principal on the Tru64 box?

> Now I have a KERBEROS_MAP_FILE with the contents:
> CONDOR.AGRESEARCH.CO.NZ=agresearch.co.nz
> but the interesting thing is that when I run TRUSS on condor_status, it
> doesn't show any attempt to access the map file (whereas strace on linux
> shows that it does).

right, the process of authentication is being aborted and therefore no
mapping of realms will occur, and that file wouldn't be read.  the real
problem is the "Failed to build server principal"

can you successfully run something similar to this command on your tru64 box?

  kinit -k -t /etc/v5srvtab host/tru64.agresearch.co.nz