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RE: [Condor-users] Kerberos on Tru64

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> Sent: Saturday, 5 February 2005 9:13 a.m.
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> Subject: Re: [Condor-users] Kerberos on Tru64
> > 2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: will try to use 64 (KERBEROS)
> > 2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) Failed to build server principal
> > 2/4 14:51:42 (fd:2) AUTHENTICATE: method 64 (KERBEROS) failed.
> hmm.  does your /etc/v5srvtab contain a host principal on the 
> Tru64 box?
I didn't have it as that file (I had it in /etc/krb5.keytab), but moving
krb5.keytab to v5srvtab didn't have any noticeable effect.  However,
truss doesn't report trying to access either of those filenames, which
is a little odd

> > Now I have a KERBEROS_MAP_FILE with the contents:
> > CONDOR.AGRESEARCH.CO.NZ=agresearch.co.nz
> > but the interesting thing is that when I run TRUSS on 
> condor_status, it
> > doesn't show any attempt to access the map file (whereas 
> strace on linux
> > shows that it does).
> right, the process of authentication is being aborted and therefore no
> mapping of realms will occur, and that file wouldn't be read. 
>  the real
> problem is the "Failed to build server principal"
I figured that, I just thought that the MAP file would have been
involved in that process somehow.  For my edification, how does condor
build the server principal?

> can you successfully run something similar to this command on 
> your tru64 box?
>   kinit -k -t /etc/v5srvtab host/tru64.agresearch.co.nz
I didn't have the Tru64 Kerberos stuff installed, so I had to do that
first.  Having done that (the Win2K integration package plus
requirements), I discovered that it puts /etc/krb5.conf in
/krb5/krb.conf (in a completely different format to the MIT version),
and the keytab file similarly goes in /krb5/v5srvtab.  However, having
sorted that out, the above command gives me "Encryption type not
supported".  The keytab file was generated on the linux kerberos server,
so I guess that the encryption types on linux don't match that which
tru64 can handle.  

I'm floundering here, but it doesn't look promising.  Longer term, I
could install the MIT kerb libs and utils (and remove the Tru64
versions), and use them.  However, I think that that is a side issue....
The real problem is that condor (which doesn't use the OS kerb libs?)
isn't setup right.  

Do you have any other suggestions?


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