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RE: [Condor-users] total newbie question...

Hi Rob,
In our pool we have a web based interface for viewing all necessary
information about jobs on the queue, job paths, analyzing jobs, and a Java
based applet for statistics (I think is a standard part of condor)

You can simply implement removal of jobs as well if you have a secure web
server for obvious reasons.

As per submitting jobs yes, you can have a GUI but it is a bit pointless,
unless you have the same job to run with different inputs I suppose.

I did want to write a simple java front end but I don't have the time, but
yes it is possible and very simple. All you need is a front end with all the
submit options and it will generate the .sub file and will run the command
line option, in fact you could even make it web based with appropriate

Hope it helps

Alan Arokiam,
The Materials Modelling Group,
Materials Science and Engineering,
Department of Engineering,
The University of Liverpool,
Brownlow Hill,
L69 3GH
Tel: 44-(0)151-794-4671
www: http://pcwww.liv.ac.uk/~alanca/
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> hey all,
> is there any GUI based control methods for condor?
> viewing jobs on the queue and controlling them, etc?
> thanks!
> rob
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