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Re: [Condor-users] total newbie question...

My pal & I made one but it's not on the internet yet.... I'll stop by your cubical tomorrow and tell you about it & email you some screenshots to your work email.
It works with XSI,LightWave 7 & 8,Maya 6 / Mental Ray, Messiah Studio 2, Terragen 9, Shake, Nuke, Digital Fusion, After Effects, Pixar Renderman (a little limited now adding more as free time & need permits). The packages have been tested on Windows,Linux and Mac. The gui works on Windows,Linux,Mac OS X & requires PhP and the PhP-GTK library to be installed. The windows version eventually will be a self contained binary.


throb - Robert Nederhorst wrote:

hey all,
is there any GUI based control methods for condor?
viewing jobs on the queue and controlling them, etc?