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re: [Condor-users] about scheduling algorithm in condor and condor-g

"Carson Hung" <carson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I am new to condor and condor-g.
>I think that both condor and condor-g are scheduler for the jobs in the
>queue. However, May I ask a question on the scheduling algorithm used by
>condor and condor-g, are they using FIFO? 

only the mpi universe is fifo.  For all job types other than mpi, condor uses a priority queue instead of fifo.  The priority sort is first cut by the submitting users priority, then by the job priorty, then by submission time.  So with condor, if the user 'ahead' of you in the queue has 1000 jobs submitted, no worries, it doesn't matter because when your jobs run are not impacted by how many jobs other users have submitted (unless you all submitted mpi jobs, since mpi is indeed treated fifo for now).

can I change the scheduling
>algorithm in it?

you can change the scheduling behavior big time by using job and machine classad expressions.  Also you can control preemption settings.  Also both user (condor_usrprio) and job (condor_prio) priorities.  ClassAds makes setting up scheduling policy very different from other (more traditional?) systems, but it is very flexible, esp in a distributively owned setting.


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