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Re: [Condor-users] Requirements expression ?

On Sunday 13 February 2005 8:26 am, Mário Costa wrote:
> I'm trying to use my Requirements expression, and it doesn't seem to
> work, I've tried, the following expression in the configuration file,
> and I think that this means that no job will run in the machine, right
> ?? but still the jobs are running ... ??
> Requirements = FALSE
> is there any thing wrong here ??

Yes, there is....

Unfortunately, we have 2 different names for the two requirements 

For a job, you specify REQUIREMENT=(... ) in your submit file.

For a machine, you use the START=(...) expression.  Look at 3.6.3 "The START 
expression" in the Condor manual for more details.

> Can any one help ?

I hope I just did.  :-)


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