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[Condor-users] [Installation Problem] A newbie question


I am trying to install condor at my personal computer, that is void of
network interface card, and the installation process seems to continue only
for a while and then it disappears [operating system windows xp -
condor files are for win xp]. It, the installation process, can be
seen running within the window task manager. Whereas the same file
does get installed at my work computer[same file and operating system
there; but with network interface card and network].

The problem is that when i click the file, it says the files are being
extracted [installation file firstly extracts in some temp folder and
requires an administrator user to do the process] but then nothing
appears and i keep waiting for the prompts. Whereas, when i check
things up through the 'task manager' then there are two processes
running one condor 6.7.2 xp version installation file and secondly the
setup.exe from its extracted folder [location unknown to me].

Could anyone of you please tell me what and where I am doing anything wrong?

Afrasyab Bashir