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Re: [Condor-users] After booting condor waits for an hour in State Owner

On Mon February 14 2005 11:47 am, Philipp Kolmann wrote:
> Hi!
> maybe if I point my question a little bit different I get some answers:
> I am running condor 6.7.3 in a remote boot linux environment with kernel
> 2.6.10.
> On a regulary installed machine I don't experience this problem, so my
> question is which files the condor_startd checks to determine the
> KeyboadIdle and Console Idle times. It seems that I may have a file missing
> in /var so that condor waits for one hour before it makes the machine
> availeable.

I"m not sure if this is your problem or not, but we recently put a linux 
kernel patch up on or web page that addresses the opposite, namely, that 
Condor doesn't detect condole usage and doesn't switch to Owner state.  
http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/kernel.patch.html  My gut-level feeling tells 
me that this isn't related, though...

Actually, after thinking more about it, I'm curious as to what you have as 
your START expression set to, and do you have CONSOLE_DEVICES set in your 


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