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Re: [Condor-users] Re: Condor and PATH_MAX


> I know it's a problem, but I don't know the exact details.
> What's happening is internally, the remote syscall library rewrites
> some of the pathnames to be slightly different URLs - instead of
> opening '/tmp/foo', the syscall library opens things like
> 'remote:/tmp/foo'. The 'remote:' counts against your POSIX_PATH_MAX.
> Where the details get sketchy for me is why we don't internally
> allocate something like CONDOR_POSIX_PATH_MAX that is bigger than
> P_P_M, I'll ask around.

If a fix is going to be made, you might want to look at the logic of
using P_P_M in the first place.  If I'm running in the standard
universe where the job and its shadow are running the same OS, why not
just use the PATH_MAX of that OS?

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