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Re: [Condor-users] Problem in joining more than one system in same pool

Hi Subhasis,

Each host, before it can join the pool, need to have a local configuration file present with the list of daemons defined under hosts directory. You may want to run condor_init that shall create all required directories and then define DAEMON_LIST in condor_config.local file for master, scheduler and startd.



Subhasis Dasgupta wrote:
I am a new user of Condor and I have installed it in my Linux system , but I don't able to join more than one mechine in condor , what is the change in configaration file and where I have to change ? I don't have any nfs or common file in my lab , so is it possible to join more than one mechine in condor pool , pls send in details as I am very new with condor.
Thank you ,
Subhasis Dasgupta
Research Fellow,
Center of Mobile Computing and Communication (C.M.C.C.)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Jadavpur University

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