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Re: [Condor-users] Problem in joining more than one system in same pool

Hi Subhasis DasGupta

This is to make the things more easier for you:

#tar -zxvf condor-6.6.6-linux-x86-glibc22-dynamic.tar.gz (or whatever version of condor u have)
This will create a folder called condor-6.6. Now create a user called "Condor" as without this your installation won't continue.

Now go to the folder and run the shell script called condor-install. This installation needs a fully qualified domain name, before starting the installation first be sure you have it set properly. When you run the shell script, it will ask you several questions about your network and system. Now just hit Enter for the first two questions which will set the default values for them. The third question will ask you whether your system has a File server installed. This is because Condor supports NFS and can use it to have a centralized network having all the release files installed at one time. So if you have your Condor user's home directory shared and mounted in all the machines with the same name, then you can go for a Network Installation else type "no" and hit Enter. Now just hit Enter unless you reach Step 8. Here it will ask you for the name of the Central Manager machine. As this is the first machine, you should select the default value, which should be the name of the local machine. Else, for other machines you have to provide the full name of the Central Manager here. Now again hit Enter unless the installation is over.

then check for
HOSTAL LOW_READ and HOSTALLOW_ WRITE in condor_configuration file it should be like:
then start the condor_master.
Do the same for the client machine by following the instructions mentioned above.

I hope u have got ur /etc/hosts settings like   localhost.localdomain  localhost
IPaddress   machinename .domain.com  machinename
Thanks and Regards
P r a s h a n t  L a l

Cadence Design Systems

On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 11:44, Nitin Mishra wrote:
Hi Subhasis,

Each host, before it can join the pool, need to have a local configuration file present with the list of daemons defined under hosts directory. You may want to run condor_init that shall create all required directories and then define DAEMON_LIST in condor_config.local file for master, scheduler and startd.



Subhasis Dasgupta wrote:
I am a new user of Condor and I have installed it in my Linux system , but I don't able to join more than one mechine in condor , what is the change in configaration file and where I have to change ? I don't have any nfs or common file in my lab , so is it possible to join more than one mechine in condor pool , pls send in details as I am very new with condor.
Thank you ,

Subhasis Dasgupta
Research Fellow,
Center of Mobile Computing and Communication (C.M.C.C.)
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Jadavpur University

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